Welcome to VANGUARD!

Vanguard is a Brit-Based superhero comic set in the not too distant future. At the time of writing this, the comic is moving into it’s second big arc, which started in issue ten.

And now onto the creator of the comic:

Dan Butcher Meet the artist

Dan started, as do a lot of comic artists, by drawing and creating characters and comic strips at an early age. Studying art through school and after he ended up earning a degree in Illustration and Design.

After a short career as an animator (where he realised drawing the same image over 200 times wasn’t for him), he defected to the ‘Dark Side’ and began working as a graphic designer, which he now does as his ‘proper’ job.

Comic book work to date:


The Awesome Comic – With Vince Hunt and Tony Esmond

El Marvo – with Luke Kondor & Ben Errington

Papercuts and Inkstains – Various

Assault of Fortress Doom – Lex McDonald

Comichaus – Suited & Booted with Jon Laight


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