Hello my friends!

I was fortunate enough to be sent tickets by my good friends over at the Cult Den to go to a special Skype preview screening of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

I can confirm that’s another great superhero action movie from the Marvel stable, with a surprising amount to say about civil liberties and sacrificing freedom for perceived safety. I won’t go to much further in to it, lest I spoil the experience.

I was a big fan of Cap and collected back issues avidly. Why did I stop? This abomination of a storyline kinda killed my interest in the title. I’ve not read any of the new stories, so I went into Winter Soldier pretty much ‘blind’. That said, Marvel fans will especially love seeing classic Cap friends and foes popping up and shout outs to other characters within the Marvel Universe.

I’d give this film a solid 8 out of 10… and i’m not just saying that because they gave me these awesome badges 😉