Pendragon Armour Sketch

Wanted to give you some insight as to the character’s reasoning as to what he’s wearing. Pendragon has, over the years, cobbled together a suit (in secret) out of the equipment he’s managed to get his hands on. This includes some armour from the British Civil War – The breastplate and helmet. He’s crudely attached a face plate onto the helmet to provide a further degree of protection. On his shoulders, he’s scavenged some sports padding.

Even though he didn’t take his shield with him from Downing Street, he had access to several spares, as essentially they were props for his public persona. The one he’s holding is more likely the only one still knocking around and shows signs of aging and rust.

Can he still be an effective fighter with the knee injury and the homemade weapons and armour? You’ll have to wait until issue 11 kicks off! 🙂

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