Hello you!

It’s Monday, the day after London Super Comic Con wrapped up. To be totally honest, I’m feeling knackered right now. Basically spent the entire weekend standing and talking. That’s not to say that it wasn’t fun. I had an absolutely great time.

LSCC set up

The setup for the con started on the Friday, where we we’re allowed to come in and set up our respective tables. I shared a table with my fellow Awesome Comics Podcast co-hosts, Tony (from Down The Tubes) and Vince. Vince was there with his ace comic, The Red Mask from Mask and fan-fav Stalkerville. Both Tony and Vince are old hands at the Con game, so I was greedily drinking down their knowledge on the best way to do things.

Vanguard london Super Comic con dan Butcher


Since most other exhibitors were setting up too, we took a moment to harangue comicbook legend, Mike Zeck.

I sheepishly chatted with Mike and his buddy for a while before giving him a copy of Vanguard book one. He seemed quite impressed, asking if ‘I did all of this?’. I mentioned the cover was drawn by the Reckless Hero artist Chris Imber. Hopefully Mike enjoys the book as he’s been one of my favorite artists for many years, stretching back to the Punisher/Secret Wars.

Mike Zeck Vanguard lscc

London Super Comic Con was busy on the Saturday but a fair bit quieter on the Sunday. Many small press creators commented that previous years had been busier. However, this did give the three of us opportunity to meet and chat to fellow creators.

Jon Laight Dan Butcher LSCC

To name just a few: Jon Lock, Ken Reynolds, Jon Laight, Chris Welsh, Chris Sides and the Close to Immortality Crew, Gavin Mitchell and Emily Owen, Sarah Millican and Sian Jefferson, Rachel Smith, Alfie Gallagher, Marc Lamming, Dave Stokes , David Molofski (dressed in an awesome Red Mask cosplay) and Dean Beattie.

Also had the pleasure of meeting James Gibbs, who provides some great artwork for the podcast. He’s a dude.

cosplay lscc

LSCC cosplay final

Cosplay loomed large at LSCC, almost overshadowing the immense quality of the small press creators present. That said, Vanguard book one sold well. Showing that some cosplayers DO buy comics, Sarah (below) popped over to prove just that point.

Sarah Vanguard purchase

Also managed to hand over the commissions I did before hand, something I’ll definitely do more of in future.

Wonder Woman commisson LSCC

I learnt a hell of a lot at LSCC. There’s some definite ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ that I’ll take onboard for when I next do a comic con… but for now, I’m going to have a cup of tea and relax for a while.

See you soon,


Spiderman LSCC dan Butcher vince Hunt