Hello there!

So here’s a selection of preparatory sketches to show the work I put in to come up with JD’s costume. There’s a whole slew of these, but I cut them down to the bare minimum.

At first, the costume was essentially just going to be some fur lined cape kinda deal, but to be honest, this idea was discarded almost as soon as it was done. I wanted something a bit more iconic for what would essentially be the lead character in the second arc.

Jordana Drake Wolfshead Vanguard


Working on the idea further, and with the ideas presented in the script, I wanted to keep the design a little Celtic looking, yet be masked/have a hood. Tying in the wolf theme was also kept in mind while I worked.


Sketched this one up while commuting. It started to feel like it was headed in the right direction. Her ‘transformation’ will change depending on the attire she is wearing while activating it. The designs here just show her look from what she wears in issue 10 and 11.


Slapped some colours down on this one. Was going to go for a gold/green, but as you’ll see, I changed it up for a brown colour.

Not happy with the green, I mucked around with various colour palettes. Still not ‘feeling it’, but it’s well on the way.

Now, as soon as this one was done, I was like ‘YUSS! I cracked it’. Slightly feral looking, hood is in there, Celtic-style leather/bronze armour, wolf symbol embossed onto the armour. I feel this design has a lot of play in it for other artists to muck around with.


Dropped the logo on the shoulder pads, as drawing them in every time would be a massive pain in the arse and they didn’t really add too much to the costume.


And there you have it – Jordana in her Wolfshead costume! I have several characters popping up which I have done extensive designs for. I’ll post concept work as they appear.