Hello you!


It’s Christmas time. The time to spread good cheer and shower people with gifts… and here is my gift to you!

I’m offering up a high-res, full colour commission WITH background to one lucky person. The only caveat is that it has to be of an original comic character of YOUR creation. You may do what you wish with the image (use for promo, print, sell, etc.) , just pop me a credit when you use it.

Here is a selection of pin-ups I’ve done previously to whet your appetite.


[envira-gallery id=”3993″]


Simply reply to this post with an image of the character you’d like to enter into the competition, along with their name. To have your character considered for the draw, you must have posted a reply/image in this thread by: THURSDAY 8th OF DECEMBER

On Monday the 12th of December, I shall post a poll of all the characters entered into the 1st round and will draw the commission the of character with the most votes.

Voting will end on FRIDAY THE 16TH OF DECEMBER at 12:00 GMT.

I look forward to seeing your entries!