this weekend, the ‘Galaxy’s Greatest Comic’ aka – 2000AD, celebrated its 40th anniversary. It was first published waaaay back in 1977.

Although I’m not a die-hard fan, I’ve always read it. 2000AD had and has ‘edge’. The characters it has introduced have stood the test of time. Dredd, Nemesis, Rogue Trooper… The list goes on. This comic shaped my writing and creations ever since it came into my life.

2000ad 4oth hall

The comic’s publishers, Rebellion, organised a day event in the Novotel hotel in Hammersmith. As part of The Awesome Comic podcast, Vince, Tony and myself were tasked with covering the event. As you read this, the show should have gone live. Have a listen to it by clicking this link.

It was such a fantastic event. Fans were able to to speak directly to their favourite creators, purchase original artwork from the comic and quiz them on the various progs.

I spent a large part of the day looking at artwork artists had brought along, like these spreads from Prog. 2000 by art-droid Chris Weston. The dude is a beast. The photo i’ve taken does not do it justice. Each page looks ike was printed as opposed to done by hand. Even though a lot of my comic is done digitally, I doff my cap to the skill and craftsmanship involved in making these pages. Amazing stuff.

During the day, there were a number of talks and demonstrations, from a ‘live drawing’ on an overhead screen to a screening of a brand new Strontium Dog fan-film, ‘Search and Destroy‘.

By far the best talk of the day was the one with Pat Mills. Hosted by my other host from the ACP, the mighty Tony Esmonds, it was informative and fun. I could listen to Pat Mills talk comics all damn day.

pat mills 2000ad

I managed to speak to Pat, his wife Lisa and their friends briefly about VANGUARD during the evening. I pitched the comic better than I ever had done so before and it went to down pretty well. As the group said our goodbyes, Pat shook my hand and said: ‘Good luck with Vanguard’. Obviously, I then floated home with a massive grin on my face.

Was glad to meet fans of the AC podcast including Sarah (who made the ace Wolfshead figure), Gary from Comics Anonymous, Helper-Droid Gareth (Intercorstal) and loads of other great people.

Along with a slew of mind blowing artistic talent, there was also a number of different props for one to get your grubby mitts on. Here’s a pic of me standing next to a Lawmaster looking awkward.

Dan lawmaster

and fellow ACP host, Vince Hunt brandishing a huge cannon.

Vince Gun

…and me as a Judge.

People commented how good I looked as a dressed as a fascist lawman. I take some comfort from that.

Sadly, there was no mention of Stallone’s definitive take on the character.

But hey, you can’t have everything, right?