Hello you!

As you may or may not be aware, I recently designed and drew the cover for Bradley Pott’s Stalker issue five. Below is the process I went through to get the final image.

stalker five comic cover process Click the pic for a larger version

Bradley gave me the script to the issue. I read it through and picked out several key moments that I could illustrate to provide a cover image. I drew nine thumbnails and sent them over (phase one). Bradley indicated the ones that he liked and I developed them further (see phase two).

The design was chosen by Bradley from the nine I gave him. I then went head and made up the cover, as you can see on the graphic above.

I’m a firm believer of drawing readers into a comic by teasing the contents within and not just have a pin-up. That said, A good pin-up cover does have its place.

Do you have a favorite cover? Gimme a link and I’ll check it out, as I always like to see what other people are into.

All the best,