For the duration of this week, I’ll be running a daily webcomic trailer for a selection of ace comics that I think you’d enjoy. I believe sharing the hard work of fellow creators is a great way to help boost online comic readership. In less than a week, Vanguard issue 10 will launch. I AM VERY EXCITE!

Today’s comic: ZUKAHNAUT

After years of hiding on Earth a lonely alien finally reveals himself. Now Zukah must fight his own nature in order to redeem a wasted life.

Across the face of the Earth a strange phenomenon has emerged.

Dubbed “Portals” by the public at large, these disturbances in the very fabric of reality can manifest in any combination of size, shape, or colour. They can open at anyplace and at any time, only to knit themselves back together and vanish again. Sometimes people and things disappear into the Portals… and sometimes people and things emerge from them.

Though initially kept secret, these Portals have become too frequent, widespread and unpredictable to remain hidden from the general public. Now civilians deal with the consequences of living in a world less predictable by the day.

Zukahnaut is produced by the uber talented Otty Jutason and Sonya Somers. Zuka is at the top of my list of webcomics to read!

See you tomorrow for the last of this week’s trailer ads!