We’re still with Gradlon/Wolfero as he continues his stint in the service of Team Xtreme. So, Die-Blood is sleeping with women who are desperate for food. Nice.

Die-Blood was written to be a dark reflection of Gradlon. A ‘what if’ he’d been as selfish and cold hearted as he thought he was. Obviously, Gradlon does have a heart and is struggling to deal with this Faustian bargain he’s made.

About Die-Blood, he’s an easy character to dislike… motivated by his own pleasure and seeks what he can ‘get out of the World’, like it owes him something.

Vanguard has several cast members who are essentially ‘dark reflections’ of other characters within the story. Some will be pretty obvious, others not so much.

Not very happy with the art on this one. Seems a very static page.


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Gary Cohen

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