Hello you!

VANGUARD is back! We’ll have a couple of ‘Previously in Vanguard’ pages (as always) which’ll bring us back up to speed with the story so far.

We’ll be exploring the aftermath of the previous issue in this chapter. There’s going to be some hard hits and revelations ahead!

Wanted to start updating this a lot earlier, but the work on Vyper: Soviet Strike bled over. Never fear, VANGUARD is here once again with twice weekly updates.

Dan. B

I’m currently revamping my Patreon output. Not only am I uploading daily sketches and insights into the comic, but am now producing weekly videos that go behind the scenes on the production of VANGUARD. Not only that, Patreon receive a whole host of goodies, including all the back issues in low and high res PDFS and the chance to win artwork and commission pieces. If you’ve ever wanted to help back a small press comic and help it get made, now is the time. Join now!