Violet Entry

Long term readers will know of the violent history these two have had together. Guy, after becoming a wage slave, had his contract sold to the De Tonnerre’s to be Violet’s latest playmates. After a clash with Pendragon, the De Tonnerre’s retreated to their mansion and Violet began to hunt Guy through the house. After a struggle, Violet’s dog, Paulus, was killed by accident. Violet blamed Guy. It was then that  The Wolfshead attacked the De Tonnerre mansion, and a frantic Guy escaped with her.

Now the two meet once again.

Violet, psychopathic, and almost completely unhinged, upgrade with the latest meta-enchantment from her family estate comes face-to-face with Guy, trained by Vaughan and implanted by a bio-soft mod.

What happens next? We shall see!

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Dan. B