‘The Last Alpha-One’

MaX IS the last Alpha-One metahuman still alive in the world in which VANGUARD is set.

What is an Alpha-One? Back when it was possible to engineer meta-humans (pre-virus), an Alpha-One was the top of the tree. The most expensive and costly in time to create. There were only a few, mostly owned/financed by the bigger Governments around the World.

MaX was an anomaly. Created by a global syndicate of multi-nationals to protect their interests worldwide, he is now ‘forced’ to work for the Red Council. If he doesn’t, they’ll stop giving him the meds to fight off the virus the Council released, which infected and killed every other Alpha-One on the planet. It then mutated, making the creation of metahumans of any sort impossible.

But, if you’ve been playing close attention, all that will be up in the air, very soon…

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Dan. B