Hello reader!

Let me begin by saying ‘thank you’ for being patient. Issue 12 is on the way! I’ve taken on a few paying comic jobs of late, and really want them done before I can move back onto VANGUARD.

I’d love to get to a position where I can create VANGUARD and have it pay for itself. I think the best way would be to generate more funds via Patreon. If you enjoy the comic, I’d ask if you could fire off a few dollars towards the production of it per month. It’d help in as much as I wouldn’t have to take on other paid jobs that’d take me away from this.

If you, the readers, have any ideas or suggestions, I’d love to hear them. Issue 12 will begin next month – June 2016. Not long to wait!

I thank you for your patience and sticking with the comic. The script for the next issue is bloody fantastic – I can’t wait to get started!