That surprised them, eh?

Looks like Jordana is packing some Metahuman genetics… and these gamekeepers are about to learn the hard way not to mess with someone that does!

Aborted panel two.
Aborted panel two
Got to the point of inking this and plopping it onto the page, when I realised it looked a little pedestrian. That said, I now have no panels on the page that show the characters legs fully in shot. Something I try to avoid.

I’ve been listening to the Empire Of Geek podcast since it started. The gang chat about… well, everything geeky. Comics, films, etc. I’d recommend you have a listen.

While I’m recommending stuff, I know of (at least two) webcomics that I think are amusing and don’t get the readership they deserve. The first is by Edward Gee and is called Rabbitual Offender and the second is by Mike Bromage and is called Dust Piggies. Go read!

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