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As a reader commented a page or two ago, Jordana’s super strength is kinda highlighted when she hurls a spear straight through a boar. She’s gonna be one strong young lady to be able to do that!

Gary’s Blog Post:

Some people have been asking if there really are wild boar in England.

It’s a great question. Wild boar did go extinct in Britain around the 13th century. However, according to LINK they found that circa 1998 there were two populations of wild boar living free in Britain. The interesting fact is that these wild boar are the result of farmed wild boar escaping and reestablishing wild populations! So considering that this story is based 15 years from now, and that England is considerably more rural, I think we will find plenty of wild boar running about. 

 It’s amazing what happens when a species is reintroduced. The whole ecosystem is affected. For an interesting read check out this article on the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park. Spoiler Alert: they change the course of rivers!

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