In the 1930s Winston Churchill famously remarked in the House of Commons during an exchange with the Prime Minister that he was confident history would find Baldwin wrong, “because I shall write that history“.

If you are a long time reader of Vanguard you may have noticed that the last few pages detailing their final battle don’t quite jibe with what you remember. (And if you’re not a long time reader, go back and read it! It’s really good.)

We live in interesting times. On one hand we live in a world where everyone has a cellphone camera, not to mention surveillance cameras, traffic cameras, and police body cameras. But simultaneously we live in a world of Photoshop, video editing, and CGI.

My wife and I were watching a television show the other day where, as a prank, they made a video in which they superimposed a famous person’s head on a different body (in fetish gear). Now, it wasn’t perfect, but they weren’t trying to be perfect. They were just goofing around. But it was really close. Close enough to make you nervous.

There’s a great movie from 1997 called, “Wag the Dog” where a film crew is hired to create a fake war to distract the public from a Presidential sex scandal. The film opened one month before the Monica Lewinski scandal broke.

“May you live in interesting times” -(purported) Chinese curse

– Gary

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Yes, Free Comic Book Day is a mere 10 days away and the super awesome team at the Collective of Heroes has put together a bumper-sized free comic for the occasion. I’ll pimp out the links once it goes up online.

Also, Avengers:Age Of Ultron has finally arrived. I’ll be seeing it on Saturday. I have a few friends who have seen advance screenings and they have been saying it is awesome. I AM VERY EXCITE!. From the clips/trailers, I think a World War Hulk could well be on the cards… fingers crossed.

Are you seeing the film this weekend? What are you’re thoughts on it?

See you Friday!


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