We call this page Daddy Issues. 

So, we finally meet Jordana’s dad and he’s… okay I’m not going to say who her dad is but if you’ve been reading the comic for any length of time you probably already guessed. Don’t read the comments if you don’t want to know. But you should go back and read the older issues as they are awesome. 

When you read the training sequence imagine it is an awesome training montage from an 80’s movie. I went looking for the training sequence of Rocky III on YouTube because I remembered loving it. And of course it features, “Eye of the Tiger” the greatest training sequence song of all time. But after watching it I realized my favorite training sequence was actually Mr. T. as Clubber Lang from the same film. I found a clip it seemed very short. But you can go on YouTube and search for Mr T – Rocky 3 training. But after you go back and read all of the previous issues of Vanguard. 

– Gary


I really enjoy drawing these older, war-torn characters. There’s so much you can work with to make them look good, visually.
– Dan

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