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– Dan

The enormous advantages of digital comics; or Maybe Maddie suffers from Benjamin Button disease?

So Dan and I collaborate on Vanguard but we both tend to get busy with other things. So sometimes Dan is looking at the script while he draws it and sometimes I don’t get a chance to look at roughs before he posts it. So imagine my surprise when Jordana’s older sister Madison shows up looking like a 12 year old instead of 23. A lot of thought went into how old Maddie was supposed to be and what it meant to the story. So we had to think about what it would mean if she was now younger than Jordana.

In the end Dan decided he would just bite the bullet and redraw her. It makes my job which is already easier than Dan’s, much easier. And that’s why it’s nice to be able to repost a page rather than go from comicbook shop to comicbook shop with a pen and a rubber. (rubber means eraser in UK or so I’m told). 

– Gary

I went back and amended the page (via Photoshop). Now Maddie looks a little more like the age she should be 😉
– Dan

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