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We are back to twice a week updates from next week onwards – Hooray!

Story-wise, tensions are high between Nara and Jordana… one wanting action, the other… well, I don’t even think she knows. We get to met two of JD’s siblings and we’ll see how they play into the tale.

Also, check out the AMAZING Jordana art by Steven Stahlberg… I mean, DAMN. I’ll be signing up to his Patreon account to see what I can learn form the guy!

– Dan

Jordana by Steven Stahlberg

When I’m not writing Vanguard, I write another webcomic called Android Blues with Stephen Stahlberg. It updates on an irregular schedule, basically whenever Stephen has a chance. Stephen was kind enough to do some fan art of Jordana for us. If you’re a fan of his style check out his Patreon where he gives tutorials on digital painting.

The other comic I write, Mallville Rules should be back up in a month or so.
– Gary

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