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Apologies for the single page a week updates. I’m always really super busy at work at this point in the year. Never fear! We are back to twice a week updates from next week onwards – Dan

This page is really the beginning to the end of Chapter 10. From now on all of the disparate threads of the story are slowly going to come together and let me tell you this chapter will end with a bang. Storytelling is a fluid process. The world of Vanguard belongs to Dan and I’m happy that he let me come in and stomp around and hopefully I don’t break too many things with my big fat feet.

We know the main points of the story, we know what happens in a general sense and why. But there’s a surprising amount of room and more than one way to get there. these are what I call, “the fiddly bits”. I will write as much as I can based on what we’ve already discussed and then Dan and I will Skype so I can admire his new haircut and he can see Giacomo (my faithful dog) and we can hammer out anything we haven’t quite figured out.

We’ve known for a long time what the final page of Chapter 10 was going to be. We’ve truly agonized on everything before it. We’ve probably had 3 or 4 completely different roads mapped out before we arrived at the one you’re about to see. I like to think it’s the strongest, most satisfying, while still having a few surprises. I know it surprised me and I thought I was writing it. Enjoy. – Gazza

Remember that sweet Neil Ford Daedalus art I posted last week? Well I coloured it! Check it out.

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