You have been watching, “Watching Watching Ginny”

Yes, just when you thought Vi and her sister could not be any more horrible, you find out that they are reality TV stars on the top TV show in Britain, “Watching Ginny”. The second most popular TV show in Britain? “Watching Watching Ginny”, a show about watching, “Watching Ginny”. I like to say it’s like the Kardashian TV show, only about awful people. Everything is coming to a head as we race towards the end of Book 10 so hang on and enjoy the ride.

– Gary


Heads up Van-Fans! I’ve started doing a new ‘thing’ on Twitter, where once a week, those that retweet new VANGUARD pages are in with a chance to win a custom sketch! Huzzah!

Last week’s winner was Vince Hunt, who’s requested a drawing of his character, the Red Mask from Mars.

Yeah, so follow me on Twitter to be in with a chance 🙂

– Dan

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