Ah Lord de Tonnere and his brood have arrived at the settlement to “rap” with his “peeps”. One of the advantages of being old, out of touch, and uncool is I find the Lord incredibly easy for me to write. So, anyways Lord de Tonnere has just stopped by to smooth everything out and he’s brought presents! (they’re on the next page) I think things are going really well so far.

– Gary


Heads up Van-Fans! I’ve started doing a new ‘thing’ on Twitter, where once a week, those that retweet new VANGUARD pages are in with a chance to win a custom sketch! Huzzah!

Last week’s winner was Bret Juliano, who’s requested a drawing of his character from his comic Dust Bunnies

Yeah, so follow me on Twitter to be in with a chance!

– Dan

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