Bread and Circuses

I’m also reminded of the scene in History of the World Part I when they tell Mel Brooks, “Sir, the peasants are revolting!” and he replies, “You said it. They stink on ice!” Well, the Romans kept the peace by handing out free wheat to the poor and providing other delights and distractions. We’ll see if this works out for them. Looks like Jordana’s dad is not distracted. In fact, he seems eerily focused. 

– Gary


Page 35?! This issue is turning into a beast. It does need the time though to set up the new world that the characters now inhabit. I think there’s about four or five more pages to go of this one.

You may or may not have noticed, but I’ve been going back and making covers for the older issues and setting up some ‘Previously In VANGUARD’ pages, to help readers keep on top of the story. As well as this, I’ve been trying to format the comics so that they can be uploaded to Comixology. Issue one is live and two and three are currently being reviewed by the staff at Comixology. I’m hoping they’ll be given the thumbs up soon.

– Dan

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