This page is all about people making choices. Some of them feel like they have no choice. They feel like they have to do a certain thing. And that’s one of the major themes we’re going to be exploring in this book. I’m particularly fond of Jordana’s dialogue on this page. She doesn’t say she’s going to “get them” or “make them pay” or any cutesie euphemism like that. Jordana is quite literal. She’s quip free. Perhaps she’ll take some banter lessons in a later chapter?

– Gary


This page ‘clicked’. The previous didn’t. Sometimes it goes that way.

Jordana takes a step down the rabbit hole… and it her life won’t be the same from here on out. Gary is doing a great job of crafting this issue and the ending we have cooked up is dynamite. Should be back to two pages a week real soon and am aiming to have this issue complete by Christmas.

– Dan



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