Bigshots, Head Shots, and Spotlights

This will certainly be addressed in comic very soon but I did want to take a minute to address it here as well. Some people seem to think that Barrage a Trois is not very tough if he can be killed by a handgun. A couple thoughts on that.

Barrage is a lot bigger, stronger, and faster than a normal guy. He’s not just as strong as three men, he’s probably closer to as strong as 10. And he’s a lot more resilient, too. But at the end of the day he’s still flesh and bone. If Pendragon had shot him in the forehead it certainly would have bounced off.

But how thick can skin really get? Elephant hide? Did you know that the area behind the elephant’s left front leg is pretty thin where its leg rubs against its chest? You know what’s right behind that spot? The elephant’s heart. That’s how bow hunters kill elephants. Go look on YouTube.

Pendragon has chosen to shoot Barrage through the eye. Now I’m no elephant doctor but I don’t think an elephant’s eye is any more resilient that mine. Your eye is a delicate sensory organ and behind it is a hole that leads directly to your brain, which is another delicate organ. Your cornea is a thin flexible lens. That’s how you’re able to focus. If Barrage’s cornea is 10 times thicker than it’s supposed to be I’m pretty sure he’d be blind. Or at least have limited vision.

So now we have a bullet penetrating a brain and coming into contact with that super hard skull. I can only assume this bullet is not bouncing around inside that skull turning the brain to jelly.

When Lord de Tonnerre set out to visit the settlement they didn’t really expect any trouble. His back-up team is one step up from mall cops. They have lightweight armor and sidearms. They didn’t even pack Barrage’s big boy pants! And the last thing they expected was Pendragon, possibly the most highly trained soldier in the world. And not only is Pendragon physically enhanced, he has the cast iron balls to stand his ground and take and make the shot that kills a charging Barrage a Trois.

Once Vince dies, it disrupts the matrix that is Barrage a Trois. So the next two headshots are against basically human heads.

We talked a lot about this scene when we were writing it. We really appreciate your comments and readership.

– Gary

Gary has said it way better than I could 😉

Lot of exciting stuff coming up. Stay tuned!

– Dan


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