The Spear Of Lugh

The next page is ‘the money shot’. Can’t wait to show you it. These will be the last few pages in the cave before we head somewhere else and this issue wraps!

Going to approaching the next script for the issue a little differently. This one was very loose in parts, which, to be honest, has slowed production of pages down.

Apologies on the broken update schedule. Why’s this page late? I forgot my bloody HD with the page on it at home! Bah!

I had a big long speech planned out for those last two panels. I can’t discuss it here, ’cause it’ll spoil the next page. I yanked it because it was bloody awful! Ha ha!

I’ll share it next week with you all.

As always, upvotes on REDDIT would be super nice 🙂

Thanks in advance!


Art, writing, etc.

Edited/written by
Gary Cohen

Big Cartel Vanguard Comic

I’ve had a lot of inquiries from people regarding purchasing the print version of VANGUARD. As you may or may not know, I had a number of copies printed for London Super Comic Con 2016.

If you didn’t get the chance to purchase a copy of the book there, I’ve set up a Big Cartel store to sell the print versions.

This is a ‘while stocks last’ kinda deal. Once I’m sold out, I’m sold out!

The pack includes:

* A signed 160 page, high quality print, trade paperback of the first five issues of the comic VANGUARD.

* A signed A4 glossy print of the front cover by artist Chris Imber.

* A signed 16 page A5 sketchbook filled with various comic book illustration work.

* An original piece of artwork from the VANGUARD comic. Obviously this will differ from pack to pack, as each piece is a one-off.

If you want me to sign your name or have a special message written in the book, please indicate upon ordering. Likewise on the sketchbook/print/artwork.

Click the pic above on the ‘Big Cartel’ button on the left hand side bar.