Charge of the Wolfshead!

We are all set for a big showdown in issue 12, as Jordana tries her powers out for the first time while looking for payback for Violet shooting her best friend, Nara. That and Guy is on the run as the same psycho little girl hunts him down on a powerless De Tonnerre mansion!

It’s gonna go off!

One (bonus) page left and issue 11 is complete! This one has been a bit a struggle, as I tried to do this, put together the trade paperback and get myself ready for London Super Comic Con. Phew! Well, we got there in the end!

Starting from next issue, page will update a week in advance on Pateon, then appear on the main site. If you want to get a week’s worth of pages in advance and support the running of the site, I’d ask that you contribute the low price of at least a $1 (it’s like, 75p in sterling).

I’m going to have the script for issue 12 written entirely before even starting work drawing. It’s what ’caused issues with this issue!

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Thanks in advance!

Art, writing, etc.

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Gary Cohen