First Against The Wall

As The Wolfshead lay’s down the law to Ginny, Guy heads her way… with a murderous Violet in hot pursuit!

The confrontation between Jordana and the young psycho approaches!

BTW, Thanks for all the comments folks. I try my best to respond to as many as possible. I DO read them all and appreciate everyone of them. I’m going to be doing a poster/sketchbook give away in the next few weeks, so keep ’em peeled.

Also, we’re back to two updates a week. Hooray!

I received some great new regarding the comic yesterday. I’m going to wait till it all goes through, but am looking to make an announcement sometime next week!

VANGUARD updates on Wednesdays and Fridays, BUT if you’re a Patreon of the comic, you’ll get a week’s worth of the comic ahead of the main site PLUS the daily sketch updates PLUS the chance to win an art commission.

What a great deal, eh? So why not help the creation of VANGUARD and throw a few quid/bucks into the pot?



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