Welcome back!

Finally, VANGUARD is back. Issue fourteen starts today with this cover and continues with two ‘Previously in Vanguard’ pages, which’ll bring us back up to speed with the story so far.

This coming issue is dynamite. Lots of action in this one and the story takes a big step forward, as we take a glimpse at what is in store for the comic as it moves forward.

Had a bit of a nightmare with the script to issue 14. It corrupted while saving and I lost the whole thing! I’m now working on Google Docs so this wont happen it future. It has put me behind, which is a real pain.

I recent exhibited at London Super Comic Con, launching VANGUARD Book Two.

LSCC 2017 Dan Butcher Vanguard

Had an fantastic time. Footfall was pretty low, but I think that can be attributed to a few factors.

Vanguard book one pack

Vanguard book two pack

I now have both Book One and Two back in print, so if you wish to purchase one or both, please click the Big Cartel store button to purchase.