Happy St.Georges Day!… and carry on as usual, as we don’t really do anything for poor old St. George.

Pendragon Vs. Thade: Hey, I did say only one of them would be walking away from this fight. Heh heh. I doubt Pendragon will be doing much walking in the near future… if he manages to survive this encounter!

Not to sure if that first panel works. Wanted to show the two guys locked in furious battle just before the Hollow Men burst in. Looks more like a scene from ‘Fist of the Northstar’, which isn’t too bad, I guess.

If you didn’t see the post, Vanguard is in the process of being reviewed over a A Place To Hang Your Cape. Go take a read. They seem to be enjoying it!

Also – GIMME DEM VOTES! Thank you 😉


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Gary Cohen