I’ve spent the past week fielding questions and answering comments left by all you lovely readers. So if you have left a comment, I’ve replied!

As you may or may not know, Vanguard usually updates twice a week (Wednesday and Friday), but it’s only updating once a week for the next few weeks. I’m currently drawing pages over at Reynard City and only have a few to do before I’m done.

Now, onto today’s page. How does one even treat that injury!? I took a first aid course about a year ago and followed the example of how to treat a broken leg. Will this injury affect Pendragon in the long term? Time will tell.

You may have noticed that Cates looks different in virtually every issue he appears in. I just can’t nail down a look for him! Next week we are back to the street battle, as the Vanguard continues their struggle against the combined forces of Team Xtreme and the Hollow Men!

Announcement –
That writing competition is still in the works! The details will be announced asap, but basically, It’ll be to write a synopsis for a three-four page comic. Should your idea get short listed, you’ll be asked for a full script. The winner will have their entry drawn by me and have it run on this site. Stay tuned!

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Gary Cohen
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