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First off, let me extend a warm welcome to all you new readers! There’s a fair bit of story to catch up on. I hope you enjoy doing so. I’ll do my very best to answer any comment/question on the comic you may have.

So, over the past couple of days, the site has been receiving an unprecedented amount of traffic. This is all thanks to Dave giving Vanguard a mention on his ace webcomic, Grrl Power. Dave discussed the different types of violence found in comics, pointing out that Vanguard is ‘significantly more violent’.

I’ve mentioned before that one of my aims was to make the violence within Vanguard deadly and final. Death in this comic is permanent. No Bucky Barnes are to be found here.

In comics, with superpowered protagonists clashing as they do, deaths should often result. There’s a great reason a lot of comics don’t take this approach. A continual cast  of characters have to be added to replace fallen heroes/foes. That, and killing fan favorite characters is as about as popular as a rattlesnake in a lucky dip. I can see why a lot of creators don’t.

Anyhoo, back to today’s page:
Last time we saw Pendragon, he was in deep trouble. He’d be shot repeatedly, his knee blown of and now crawling for a weapon, his only salvation.

We catch up with him now as he uses the corpse of a fallen Protection Officer as an impromptu shield, but alas, the Hollow Man appears unfazed by his counter-attack!


I have a few announcements this week.

First off, my lovely wife Zoe has published her own webcomic book: OCD Girl.

OCD book Jacket

Want a taste of OCD Girl? Check out her strip over at The Cult Den

Secondly, I’ll be launching a writing competition – Hooray! The details will be announced next week, but basically, It’ll be to write a three-four page comic book script. The winner will have their entry drawn by me and have it run on this site. Stay tuned!

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Gary Cohen
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