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I bet that’ll sting in the morning, eh? If he’s still alive after that, Spitfire has learnt a valuable lesson – When the fists start flying, the time for talk is over.

Digression: One thing I wanted to focus on when I started Vanguard was that, when Meta-Humans fought, that they would be brutal. Often I’d read comics when protagonists fought with abilities that could level cities, yet nobody really got hurt.

One title which kinda bucked this trend was ‘Invincible’ by Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley. I like to think, maybe vainly, that the influence both Kirkman’s writing and Ottley’s artwork can be felt within Vanguard.

Story-wise, I’m working towards a big reveal, which’ll hit in a few months time. I’ve taken a gamble on the way I’ve told/written this tale by not sticking to a convention. If you refer back to issue one, there’s a definite set-up, which is subverted as the tale spins along. You’re expected to ride along with Luke/Spitfire as he finds his way in within the team. This doesn’t happen. Something is very wrong. The story isn’t playing out like it ‘should’ or, like one would expect.

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