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You may have found yourself here through the Collective of Heroes website/widget. If so, please feel free to check out the eight previous issues of Vanguard before getting stuck in here!

MaXtreme is a total arsehole/scumbag. Will he get his come comeuppance for deplorable actions? I’m sure readers are hoping so.

The calendar I worked on with AP2HYC is now on sale! It’s packed with ‘geeky’ dates and info about release dates of upcoming films. It can be purchased from Pikcal HERE.

Over the the past few days, I have had chance to set up an account on Patreon. If you enjoy this comic, please consider dropping a few quid/bucks to help fund it’s creation. I’ve set up some great rewards and will be posting exclusive sneak peeks at up coming pages and future character designs often over there. I’m also working on producing a series of ‘Comic Art SFX’. It’ll be a bi-weekly tutorial series on how to achieve certain looks/effects with your comic art. It’ll be open to suggestions, so if you wish to see something in particular, as a Vanguard Patreon, you can request it. Cool, eh>

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