MaXia is still torn as to if what’s shes doing is right or not, hence the pause before striking Woden, which would kill him in one blow.

Die-Blood carves up MaXia – As you can see, Die-Blood didn’t actually draw any blood, as the blades didn’t pierce the skin. I imagined the two strikes to be akin to being stroked with two white hot pieces of metal. Yeah, that’ll sting a little.

Someone commented on why Godiva didn’t use her powers to take control of MaX. It’s a good question. First off, it would totally unbalance power in the world in Vanguard, not just in this fight, so I couldn’t let that happen. When I started writing this comic, I wanted the Alpha-Ones to be virtually unbeatable, unless faced with Meta-Human opposition who could physically attack them, yet not being susceptible to mental/psionic domination.

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Gary Cohen
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