So we say a sad farewell to both KingSword and Godiva, as we find out that X-Bow’s assault did in fact kill her. It’s a bit of a somber page for the holiday season, with KS unable to reach his lover before dying… but I doubt many of you we’re expecting a happier ending for these characters. With a majority of the team now dead, how will this story continue? I’ll have to change the header on this site for one! Heh.

Well, in regards to Vanguard page updates, that’s it for this year. Updates will resume on January 7th 2015. It’s a real shame that I had to drop down to a page a week updates in November, as I was on schedule to have this issue wrapped up before Xmas! Ah well. The final four pages will go up in the new year, before we launch into Vanguard – Part Two.

Over the Christmas week, I’ll be posting up some fan-art made by fellow CoH creators for you to enjoy.

I hope you have a great Christmas break and an awesome New Year. Thanks for taking the time to read/share/support the comic, it means a lot to me.

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