The penultimate page of issue nine! Apologies for no update on Friday. I bought a new memory stick and was working on this page when it corrupted, losing most of this page… which was excellent. Fortunately, I keep a myriad of save files of what I’m working on, just in case something like this happens, so the damage wasn’t that bad. Years ago, I had a file corrupted and had to re-do a page from scratch – FUN.

Next week, we’ll be running a week of webcomic trailers before issue 10 launches. I’m sure many of you will be in for a big surprise.

Before that kicks off, I’m going to be posting a blog on here with some feedback on what I’ve tried to accomplish with this comic. Some of it has worked, some hasn’t. I’ll explain why certain things have been designed ‘that way’ and various other creative decisions I’ve made over the course of making this comic.

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Was very pleased to find out that VANGUARD was talked out on the Empire Of Geek podcast recently. Steven and the gang talk about the comic at the one hour mark(ish). Thanks for the shout out! on the Empire of Geek podcasr, they discuss comics, films, etc., with a particular bias towards reporting on Brit based stuff. I’ve listened to a few episodes and enjoyed them.

Anyyhoo, see you Friday for the last page of issue nine!


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Gary Cohen