It’s Just A Flesh Wound!

Pendragon has a sword! If I had thought about it, I would have had Pendragon start off fighting left handed à la Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride. Now that Barrage has proven to be super strong and not just super ugly, Pendragon has drawn his weapon. In addition to being a world class fighter Pendragon is a master tactician. And that includes conserving his strength (since at this point it’s Pendragon vs. everyone).

I always find it odd in comics when the hero just assumes his new adversary has super strength or is nigh invulnerable, and just starts beating the crap out of them. You would think Spiderman or Superman would constantly overestimate the resilience of new villains and find themselves punching clean through someone’s head. I for one think the only reason Superman has a cape is to wipe the blood off of his hands.

If you faced an unknown opponent, would you feel them out or just go at them full on?

– Gary


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