Her Fate Awaits

Last time we saw Jordana, she was surprised by a familiar figure and ‘zapped’ as it were. We now know (as most of you have probably guessed) it was none other than Stevie Duncan, aka Woden.

What’s Woden been up too since the fall of the Vanguard? What does he want with Jordana? Things are about to get heavy.

– Dan

Also – Great news everyone!

I’ll be appearing at London Super Comic Con this February. I’ll be at the Awesome Comics Podcast table with fellow hosts Vince (Red Mask) Hunt and Tony (Down The Tubes) Esmond. I’ll sell copies of VANGUARD book one (which went to the printer today) as well as prints and sketchbooks. I’ll post up the table number as soon as I know what i is. Pop along and say ‘hello’ if you’re there.

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