FUSSBLEAT: Whats hot on the line!

Love that website name. It was thought up by Twitter user Omand Original after I put the call out for suggestions last night.

Here we can see some of the ramification of what went down during the issue and a glance at what else is going on in the VANGUARD world. Remember NEAT!?.

The Kingdom drawing at the top is done by super talented artist, Chris Imber, who I’m currently working with on a collaborative comic project. More on that as it evolves!

I’#m currently drawing six pages of EL MARVO and working on part four of SUITED AND BOOTED for COMICHAUS.

I’ll be periodically updating on her with bits and bobs in the run up to January, when issue 13 launches. If you’ve enjoyed the comic so far, I post upcoming designs and sketches every day over on my Patreon page. Soon I’ll be uploading the previous issues in PDF format onto there. So why not help the creation of VANGUARD and throw a few quid/bucks into the pot?


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