Akk, Woden, you got a little too close to our boy Die-Blood, who’s a close quarters kinda guy. The team are dropping like flies… and the World kinda needs every hero it can get!

*EDIT – I’ve amended this page to Woden saying ‘Ach, ma belly’ after some confusion if Woden hand suffered a hand or an abdominal injury. Would anyone ever say this? Probably not, but hey, it’s serves the purpose.

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I’ll be down at the London MCM Comic Expo this weekend, drawing for Reynard City. We’ll be at stand CR8 and CR9 there’s loads of free stuff to be had!

Last Wednesday evening, I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Jack and Dan over on the Intercomics Podcast. Wanna listen to me blather on like an idiot about Vanguard and webcomics/comics in general? Check this out!


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