Hooray! Here comes Gradlon to save the day! His change of heart and subseqent intervention comes along just in the nick of time, for Woden at least! I drew Die-Blood’s pose in panel four roughly 5-6 times… and it still doesn’t look right.

We’re not too far away from the end of this issue. Things will be very different after it. Trust me.

I’ve posted this page on Reddit. If you so wish, please feel free to give it an upvote. Thank you!

I was fortunate to be involved in a Halloween costume swap with various webcomics. October20 had their cast dressed in costumes from VANGUARD – It’s looks great!

I was SUPER happy to get to draw Pendragon in Tenzin’s armour from the awesome post-apoc comic, The Demon Archives. It’s written by a talented chap called Daniel Sharp and is illustrated by a host of (very talented) artists.


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And I was also extremely pleased and flattered to receive this excellent piece of Halloween costume tom-foolery from Mike Hearn, creator of the webcomic Walter The Wicked. Pop over and say hello!



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Signed Prints Competiton

I’ll be send out THREE packs of signed, limited edition prints to give away? How does one enter? Just leave a comment below.

Winners will be picked at random and announced on next Wednesday’s update.

Good luck!


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