Fight Club

So now the second team has arrived. These are actual security personnel and 3 very angry meta humans or whatever we’re supposed to call them because I guess legally we can’t say super powers or something?

Well these three should give Pendragon a bit more trouble. I don’t want to say the name of the creature they turn into but I think it’s a pretty great name. Really patting myself on the back over it. Any guesses?

– Gary


I have to admit, although it took a heck of a long time to do, colouring this page was a lot of fun.

IF you want to see a shit load of sketches designs I’ve done for this hulking brute here, check out the Patreon page.

Also, VANGUARD issue four was approved on Comixology! Huzzah!

For the milestone that is the show hitting double-figures, acclaimed writer Leah Moore (Swords of Sorrow, Sherlock Holmes) joins Vince, Dan and Tony to tell us all about the exciting new digital comics publishing app Electricomics! She also talks about working with 2000AD and Dynamite, chats about how she writes and joins in with the weekly character assassination of Vince. Also this week we talk about Poetry Comics, ICE Comic Expo, Dan being depressed on trains, Tonys time pretending to be a werewolf hunter and Vince is becoming more of an old man by the episode.

Basically this show is so jam-packed with info and hilarity you just HAVE to listen to it immediately, so get the Horlicks going and buckle up!

– Dan



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