Secret’s Out

Pendragon is back and in a big way. This will become one of those, “Where were you when you heard that Pendragon was back?” moments that people will talk about for years. And we continue to see some more people from Pendragon’s past popping up as well as some new, furry faces.

Issue 11 is off with a bang and there’s going to be plenty of action. Pendragon’s return is like a stone thrown in a quiet pond and the ripples are going to be felt for quite a while. Check that. He’s more like a hand grenade.

– Gary


Hello you!

Some news regarding VANGUARD updates. For the next few weeks, we’ll only be updating on a Friday. I have a hefty chunk of work drop in my lap that requires a fair bit of time. Once it’s done, we’ll be back to two pages a week. Yuss!

In other news, The Awesome Comics Podcast is here!. Click the link for full details!

– Dan


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